Product Pipeline


Skin Fusion Logo We have developed a proprietary transdermal patch technology, called Skinfusion®, which is designed to provide advantages over currently available patches and is intended to optimize patch adherence and patient acceptability. The technology is a matrix patch consisting of several layers of material which contain the active ingredients, inactive ingredients and adhesives that allow adherence to the skin. The final top layer is the one seen on the skin, and consists of a thin, silky material with adhesive only. There is a barrier formed between the inner portion of the patch, which contains the active ingredients, and the outer portion of the patch, which only contains the adhesive. This barrier is intended to prevent the active and inactive ingredients from migrating to the outer edges of the patch, and from breaking down the adhesive on the peripheral portion of the patch. This is important, as it is designed to help prevent seepage of adhesive and active ingredients from around the edges of the patch where they could collect dirt and leave a sticky black ring on the skin. The six layers of the patch are compressed together in order to create a patch which has a slim profile, and is unobtrusive when applied.